Little girl playing piano

Lesson Rate

$15.00 per week for a half-hour private lesson on all above instruments.

Beginning "Trial In Music" students regular lesson rates are $55.00 enrollment fee plus $15.00 weekly for private lessons. Includes 8 private lessons, 6 group lessons, music, instrument, apptitude test. Please refer to "Special Coupon" for discounts.

Lesson Policy

Once a lesson time is scheduled, that is your guaranteed time. All lessons must be paid, regardless of attendance. This policy assures our teachers who derive their living teaching, a weekly paycheck.

Lesson Payment

One month in advance. Payment is due the first lesson of each month. Some months have four weeks and others five. You will be charged accordingly. Lessons that fall on a major holiday will be deducted. Missed lessons may not be deducted from lesson payments. Missed lessons may be made up, however.